Why Us?

Because we are your extended family

The reason for selecting us is the care we take.

Moving to a new city may be difficult. Even worse, keeping stuff while traveling makes you worse. Indeed, the time and distance between the two cities are rather great, and it will take extra time to go there. Do you know how to pack? However, the greatest storage services are required to secure items from damage and theft. We are easily accessible due to our warehouse and storage faciliy. Our dependable storage facility safeguards all of your belongings. Bansal Storage System's storage facility provides the greatest shelter for your belongings. Our primary concern is safety, which is why we required our specialists to keep their eyes open. In addition, the CCTV Surveillance cameras put above the warehouse provide extra security.


Bansal Storage System is a Warehousing Solution which is a critical and necessary component in the supply chain that may inject efficiency and stimulate a company's supply chain in a competitive market in Bangalore. Growing consumerism has spurred the expansion of conventional marketplaces and supply chain and storage facility networks. The use of eCommerce in Bangalore market has also raised demand for warehousing and distribution in Bangalore. Never before has there been a greater demand for enterprises to recharge their supply chains in order to be more efficient, responsive, and adaptive storage systems. With the changing times and complexity, technology plays a significant part in how effectively on-demand warehousing & storage system operations are handled when speed, accuracy, and inventory integrity are critical characteristics.

At Bansal Storage System, we have an expertise in service parts logistics which make us best packer and movers, and we can set up a nationwide storage facility network to meet your aftermarket service needs. To assist your business give the greatest services to your consumers through fulfillment, you must grasp the difference between storage facility and warehouses in logistics. Many reasons are driving the rise of storage in Bangalore.

Professional Interlocking & Racking System allowing us to handle large volumes of freight with ease.
  • We have efficient forklift systems.
  • Security: To provide the greatest degree of safety, our chosen warehouses are outfitted with CCTV cameras both internally and externally, as well as 24-hour off-site surveillance and backup technology, as well as alarm and fire warning systems.
  • Emergency Parts Distribution.
  • We design storage systems to meet your unique requirements, such as pallet rack storage and bonded storage.
  • Turnkey solutions for sectors such as fashion, automotive, industrial, chemicals, and consumer products.
  • Dedicated Operations.
  • Value-added Services.